Brazil Bound 2018

We Are Going to Brazil!

Its official and happening. A month from today we will be moving out of LA back up North. God has been preparing us in many ways and more will definitely be shared on our blog in more detail.

We will be doing a missions training school in Brazil. Much like the one I did in Africa. This time we will get to do this together and in preparation for a life long commitment of saying Yes to whatever God would have us do. It will be for 3 months and we will be leaving in March. Details..we want DETAILS… well here we go.

The Mission

We will be attending a 3 month Mission training school in Fortaleza, Brazil with Iris Ministries. We will be living on base located close to a red light district. We will get to do a 10 day outreach while we are out there in the unreached areas of Brazil. Meals will consist of rice and beans. Water and electricity aren’t a guaranteed.  We will be hand washing our clothes as well.

Ministering to street orphans, feeding the poorest of the poor and loving on the broken are just a few of the things we will get to do. We believe that this a step before going full time missions. We both feel that Iris carries the heart and core values we both have and are honored to see where God takes us.

Join the DeMarsico Team

Here are specifics of financial deadlines, needs, and supplies that we need. We are completely relying on Jesus to provide as well as working up until we leave. Getting our finances in order and being faithful in the little. Here are the details to deadlines and overall costs.

Airfare- Price of our round trip ticket is totaled at $2025. This is for both our round trip tickets to and from Fortaleza. This is first step in applying for our visa.
Visa- We will be applying for a tourist visa which is $160 a person. Bringing our total to $320.00. This will allow us access into Brazil for our 3 month stay.
Tuition- Fully covers transportation, meals, and outreach costs. $2,400 is the cost for each of us. Bringing our total to $4,800 due March 12, 2018.
Vaccinations- There is no request for any specific vaccines for this trip so no funds are needing for this.
Supplies- We are in need of a round about total of $350 for supplies and about $1000 in spending money. When traveling overseas to third world countries there are many possibilities of unexpected charges. Since it’s two of us this time around we are preparing a good amount to be safe.
Grand Total of $8,145.00

If the Lord has put on your heart to sew, or even give to specific area, here are options to give below. More then anything we ask to join us in prayer. This is a huge step of faith and we are completely relying on the Lord. All for His glory, laying down our lives to bring the Gospel to the nations.

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”
Mark 16:15

Options to Give
Click “here is where you can give online.”
Put in name, email, password
Put $ amount
Click fund “Missions.”
Click cause “DeMarsico Missions.”

(This option will give you a tax receipt for your love offering).

Pay Pal Option
To Send a Check

Our mailing address is:
14070 Southport St
Lathrop, CA,95330

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