Next Steps



Hello amazing Family and Friends,

So much to be thankful for this holiday season! And your love and support are at the top of our list. The love and support that has been shown since our announcement has been amazing. We cannot do this without you and your prayers. 

We both have put in our notices with work and that was nothing short of a miracle. God came through for both of us and our jobs were so extremely supportive. Dylan and I are both in mercy ministries at this point. I’ve been working full time as a HR/Front Desk Supervisor for the Orange County Rescue mission. It’s a homeless shelter ministry for men, women, and children. We disciple, love on, and rehabilitate families back into the working world. It has been extremely incredible and they have all become my family. They blessed me and supported me when I went to Africa and have changed my life more then they will ever realize. 

Dylan works for a detox/rehab and Sober living place in Culver City. He walks out each addict in the detox process, and counsels with them and guides them back to sober living. 

When we applied to the Iris School we both trusted that God would work it out. While waiting to hear back from the school Dylan got a promotion being a Program Director with a substantial raise.

I got a offer to become a Case Manager and take on a case load of women to disciple. Also with a nice pay increase. We both felt like this was a test of heart. God would bless us either way, but were we willing to leave it all? We were able to leave the comforts, the financial stability, and security of a job? All for the sake of us saying Yes to the call of God on our lives? And the answer became clear. We were called and had to go no matter the cost.

A day after we talked it over, we got the letter from Iris that we were both accepted to go to Brazil. God works all things out for the good. And we are choosing to walk by faith and not by sight. Its easy to choose a road that we can clearly see or purchase something when we have the amount in our accounts. But faith is things hoped for and not yet seen. This “walk of faith” is becoming a real walk and the steps are incredible. Watching God put the pieces together is amazing to us. Both of our jobs are extremely supportive and gave there blessings in this transition.

We are currently packing our things as you can see. We will be moving in with my parents December 16th 2017.

We were blessed by my dear friend and sister from Africa Tifa to put our plane tickets on her credit card. As you know raising funds for a ever fluctuating ticket price is extremely difficult. She offered to place the flights on her card! Our goal is to have this paid off by January 1st 2018. The grand total for two round trip tickets came out to:


Our focus right now is getting this paid for as well as our visas. As you know, we would need permission to live in Brazil for 3 months. The total for both visa’s come out to:


Many have asked to be updated on current needs and deadlines so these are the first ones we are handling. Of course the tuition is due in order to go. For transportation, food, and stay the total for tuition is:


We are currently both seeking employment for the 3 months leading up to Brazil. Dylan’s previous employer has offered him to go back and work there for the time he is back which is a huge blessing. I will be applying for a hair/waxing job since I am a licensed Cosmetologist. God is working it all out and we are just walking by faith and working hard to do our part.

If you have it on your heart to give here are options down below. We are blessed to be partnered with The Journey Church and so excited to offer tax write off receipts for you all. We wanted to do this because we know its important and want to bless you all for blessing us. We love you all so much and are excited to see what God has in store.

Click here to learn more about the missions base we will be at. 

Steps to Give through Journey Church & Receive Tax Write Off:
Click “here is where you can give online.” 

Put in name, email, password 

Put $ amount 

Click fund “Missions.” 

Click cause “DeMarsico Missions.”

(This option will give you a tax receipt for your love offering).

Pay Pal Option

To Send a Check

Our mailing address is:
14070 Southport St
Lathrop, CA,95330

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